DO001 - Getting Started With Kubernetes


This workshop aims to provide the attendee a short tour of Kubernetes: explain what it is, basic building blocks as well as how to apply Kubernetes on production.


3 hours

Target audiences

  • People who already have knowledge about docker and want to explore container orchestra solution

  • Companies who plan to try Kubernetes on their environment

Requirements for the attendees

  • Experienced with docker before

  • Experienced with deploying apps on either cloud or on-premise (good to have but not require)

Prepare at home before workshop

Learning outcome

  • What's is Kubernetes and the problem it's trying to solve

  • The building block of Kubernetes

  • Hand-on experience with basic K8s operations (like how to deploy apps, scale up/down services, ...)

  • Experience and sharing on running Kubernetes for production

  • Have a sense when and when not to use Kubernetes

What won’t be included in this workshop

  • How to setup a production-grade K8s cluster

  • In-depth of K8s internal system (basic components will be introduced briefly)