Distributed System

About this team

Our group studies and discusses problems in Distributed Systems such as fault-tolerance, replication, consensus, distributed transaction, etc implemented in variety of mature and emerging open-source softwares across technology domains. We focus on practical design and implementation while fundamental knowledge are required for every members.

How we work

  • We organize weekly meeting, each has 1-2 main presenters who pick up topic and present among the team (in Vietnamese).

  • There is no requirement for presentation format and discussion.

Topics we're researching

We do not limit the topics, but until now we mostly focused on below fields

    • Replication / State Machine Replication

    • Distributed Transaction

    • Consistency

    • Leader Election and Consensus

    • Fault-tolerance

    • Membership protocols

    • Peer-to-Peer network

    • Network protocols

    • Clock synchronization

    • Network security