Lab Database

About this team

In this team, we'll focus on digging deeper in Database theory and implementation of Database System

How we work

  • We work in 2-week sprints. Each sprint will end with an online meeting.

  • During a sprint, each member will pick a topic and commit time to research and write reports.

  • Each member needs to spend 4-6 hours/week to research.

Topics we're researching

  • Foundation knowledge about Database

    • The Relational Model of Data

    • Relational Database Modeling

    • Design Theory for the Relational Database

    • High-Level Database Models

    • Algebraic and Logical Query Language

    • The Database Language SQL

    • Views and Indexes

    • The Object-Relational Model

    • User-defined types in SQL

    • OLAP

    • Data Cubes

  • Key components of a database system

    • Secondary Storage Management

    • Index Structure

    • Query Execution

    • Query Compiler

    • Coping With System Failure

    • Concurrency Control

    • Serializability and Recoverability

    • Deadlocks

    • Long-duration Transactions

  • Other topics