BE004 - NodeJS based serverless on AWS


Serverless Architecture becomes more and more popular and it helps extend microservice architecture. Adopting it in the correct way will help us increase system capability gracefully.

In this workshop, we will be explored basic architecture of serverless. We will learn how to log, debug, deploy serverless-based Web API. We will create CRUD Web API using API Gateway and AWS Lambda. We will learn how we enable authentication to protect our API. We will practice with a use case of image processing to experience with how serverless service auto-scale to handle multiple requests.


3 hours

Target audiences

  • Backend Developers/Engineers who already build API using NodeJS.

  • Backend Developers/Engineers who basic knowledge with AWS Cloud.

Requirements for the attendees

  • Having basic knowledge of NodeJS.

  • Having basic knowledge about AWS.

  • Having AWS Account (Should Have).

Required setup:

  • Install NodeJS 8+

  • Mysql Server

  • Postman or similar HTTP client tool

  • Visual Studio Code or similar IDE

Learning outcome

After this workshop, you will:

  • Know how to adopt fully/partially serverless architecture in building Web API.

What won’t be included in this workshop

  • This workshop won't cover on microservice architecture.

  • This workshop won't cover on how to scale the system.