BE001 - Rest API using NodeJS


This workshop aims to provide the attendee a short tour during the life cycle of developing an API server using Nodejs. This course is expected to be at the basic level and with practical objectives, which aims to help the attendee getting started on developing their own server as quick as possible.


3 hours

Target audiences

  • Junior/Senior Mobile/Frontend developer without back-end development experiences

  • Junior Software engineer with less than 2 years of experiences and have little experiences with NodeJS/Backend.

  • IT Fresher

Requirements for the attendees

Learning outcome

After this workshop, you will:

  • Know how to set up skeleton nodejs project ready for a REST backend

  • Know how to define good API structure using RESTful

  • Know how to use swagger to document API

  • Know how to use Postman to verify the API on local

  • Know how to write unit-tests

What won’t be included in this workshop

  • This workshop won’t cover in-depth Javascript/Nodejs. The theory will be explained enough for the attendee to finish the exercise