Building a playground for highly-skilled Software engineers in Vietnam

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What we do

Vietnamese engineers have so many potentials hidden. What we need is a place to exchange knowledge, a platform to share, also more exposures to the world's standard.

Grokking Vietnam aimed to become the very first organization in Vietnam who would fill in the missing points.

We are working very hard to provide Vietnamese software engineers with:

  • A monthly Techtalk to share and exchange knowledge between juniors/seniors/technical leaders: Techtalk
  • A weekly Newsletter where we collect high quality software engineering related articles from 500 tech blogs from all over the world (including Google, Facebook, Dropbox, LinkedIn, ...)
  • An archive of more than 200 high quality articles which was classified: Online Platform
  • A quarterly magazine: Dijkstra
  • A small club of passionate engineers: Research Group
  • A Facebook fanpage to communicate with audiences as well as sharing byte-size knowledge

"The Grokking team believes that Vietnam would become a tech-hub not only in South-East-Asia but also in Asia and the world in the future. And we would be eager to become a part of the big bright vision."

Grokking Online Platform

With more than 200 articles collected from 500 technical blogs and classified with labels which was inspired Software Engineering Body of Knowledge, Grokking Online Platform is a good place for Software engineer to come and explore knowledge which came directly from the best engineers from the industry.

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Grokking TechTalks

Every month, Grokking organize an offline Grokking TechTalk where we invite technical leaders, senior engineers, CTO who come from Viki, Anduin, Palantir, Mysquar, Sentifi, Hoiio... to come and share their in-depth experiences in their fields.

Our TechTalk focus in delivering topics such as: Computer Science, Data Engineering, Data Science, Software Development Process, ... which provide audiences with more in-depth knowledges as well as practical experiences to apply in their work.

With 50-100 audiences joint every event since 2014, Grokking TechTalk has become a frequent offline activities for Software Engineers in Vietnam. People came to present, to share, to talk to the guys who share the same passions.


In 2014, organize first talks about Data Warehouse for big system (1 mils - 1 bils user).

In 2015-2016, 8 more talks in Vietnam, 1 coding challenges and 2 gathering in Singapore.

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Founded in 2014 by members who has been working in tech companies for 4-5 years. Now we are having 6 core members who have strong background in Software Engineering, Software Development, Event organizing, Management, Design, Marketing... which provides us a starting point for organizing in-depth and well-prepared activities for the community.

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