About Grokking Research Group

Every good engineer we met has a strong desire to learn, and most of them have been learning by themselves. So we thought, why not bring them together so that everyone can learn faster together.

Grokking Research is our small (intentionally), regular technical gathering where everyone can come and learn/share what they know or interested in knowing.

At each session, 1 or 2 members will have a short sharing/presentation about a topic that they've registered, while the rest will listen and weight in their experience and opinions.

Do I need to be an expert to speak on a topic?

Absolutely not, and that's the whole point of the group, since it focuses on your learning opportunity through active sharing of knowledge.

So the talk/topic could be:

  • A technical article/paper you read that you found interesting, and wanted to share to the rest.
  • Some interesting technical concept/project that you've recently done in your work.
  • An interesting topic that you want to do more research into, so you sign up to give talk for some "external motivation".

How is this different from Grokking TechTalks events?

Grokking TechTalks are our medium-scale event series that opens up to a wider, public audience. Presenting at Grokking TechTalks require proper preparations (slides + talk rehearsal).

On the other hand, sharing at Grokking Research requires much less preparation, since it's meant to be small-scaled and interactive. Whiteboard is provided, and presentation slides are usually not required.

How often is a discussion organized, when and where?

Once every 2-3 weeks, and usually on Saturday morning. The session starts around 9:00am and ends around 11:00am.

The venue varies from time to time, but will mostly be in central area of Ho Chi Minh City, district 1, 3, or 10.

How can I join?

Our Research sessions are reserved for our "regular members". For each session, we open a few slots to public audience.

To become a regular member, you need to attend 2 sessions and give 1 technical sharing with the group.

Once you become a "regular" member, you'll be invited to our internal discussion group (run on Slack), where you can have more time interacting with other members.