Technical Consultant Program

Target Audiences


Companies who have small / inexperienced technical team which needs experienced engineers to advise in specific technical problems


Senior Engineers who have experiences, want to build up profiles based on solving real-work technical problems.

Why this project?

Being founded for 2 years with 18+ events organized and lots of interaction with engineers, start-ups, business in Ho Chi Minh City, we observed that there are more and more start-ups in many fields, whose founders are non-tech having a hard time building their products.

Being a non-tech founder themselves, they may encounter many problems:

  1. Their developers are young and don't have enough experiences to solve some architect-level problem.
  2. The team is using wrong stacks which has some limitation to their business use case.
  3. The business' growth is too fast, and the team don't have experiences to handle the system's scaling, ...
  4. ...

Positioning ourselves as the platform for Software Engineer in Vietnam, we would like to give some helps in solving these problems.

How It Works

  1. The Company will contact Grokking via this form to ask for support.
  2. Grokking Executive will get back to you via email or phone.
  3. Grokking Specialist will arrange a 1-hour free face-to-face meeting with you to understand your problems, as well as to collect more information.
  4. If your problems could be resolved in the meeting, we stop this process here.
  5. If your problems couldn’t be resolved by Grokking Specialist, we will prepare a technical document to explain your problem (with your sensitive information removed) then we will contact the Experts in our network to look for someone with suitable expertise to solve your problems.
  6. When The Expert agreed to join, Grokking will connect The Expert with The Company for solving the problems.
  7. Depends on the complexity of the problem, The Expert, in his own decisions, may ask for a fee to solve your problem.