grok (v): To understand something thoroughly that it becomes a part of you.
E.g.: "It took me 3 years to grok regular expression, now everything is a RegEx to me".

Why Grokking Vietnam?

Vietnamese engineers have so many potentials hidden. What we need is a play to exchange knowledge, a platform to share, also more exposures to the world's standard.

Grokking Vietnam aimed to become the very first organization in Vietnam who would fill in the missing points.

We are working very hard to provide Vietnamese software engineers with: a monthly activity to share and exchange knowledge between juniors/seniors/technical leaders, a yearly engineering competition, a series of career talks for students and junior engineers to help defining their career paths.

Our aim is to build a community of engineers that can help individuals to connect, learn and explore opportunities in software engineering field. We hope to educate engineering individuals in 3 areas:

  • Technologies: Instead of focusing on various technologies' coolness, we focus on how they actually works, and when you'd be using them. This give you better technical insights to choose the right tools for the right jobs.
  • Technical Framework of Thinking: Writing software is less about writing code but more about designing the right architecture and picking the right frameworks/technologies to solve the problem given to you.
  • Software Development Process: building software is not a one-man or one-day endeavour. To do it effectively and efficiently, processes are needed. We want to convey industry-tested, proven development processes (agile, test-driver development, etc...) to our community.

Grokking's vision

The Grokking team believe that Vietnam would become a tech-hub not only in South-East-Asia but also in Asia and the world in the future. And we would be eager to become a part of the big bright vision.

One, to build a healthy community of Vietnamese (and Vietnam-related) software engineers and computer scientists in Vietnam and overseas. We want to promote proper software engineering practice.

Two, to raise awareness of the importance of programming to the Vietnamese public, especially the youth and parents.

Grokking core programs

We hold regular meetups once every month or so. They contain technical talks of different topics in computer science and software development fields. Occasionally we would organize coding challenge competitions with real-world simulated programming problem.

We currently have presences in Ho Chi Minh City, and Singapore. In 2016, we planned to have our first activity in Ha Noi and Da Nang as well.

We have a growing community that discuss and share knowledge about computer science. Join us on Slack.

We curate a list of open source softwares that are created by Vietnamese engineers (see: made_by_vietnamese)

The Grokking's history

In 2014, the original Grokking team gathered to organize the first of our Grokking Tech Talks series. The topic was about DataWarehouse for big system (1 millions - 1 billions). The first talk were a great success with more than 50 engineers who came from many strong tech companies came: VNG, Adatao, Aduin, Sentifi, ....

During 2015, we continue to organize 5 more techtalks and 1 coding challenges. Our tech-talks continued to attract more and more attendants with some CTO, technical leaders, ....

In 2016, we built our Slack channel, also organized our first meetup for Vietnamese Engineers in Singapore as well.

Grokking Vietnam's executive

Program Director

  • Huy Nguyen

    Founding member, Program Director

    Content curator

  • Ngoc Tran

    Founding member, Program Director


  • Loc Vo

    Founding member, Program Director


Program Coordinator

  • Huy Vu

    Founding member, Program Coordinator

  • Khanh Nguyen

    Founding member, Program Coordinator

  • Nhien Pham

    Program Coordinator

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